Thursday, July 28, 2011

UPDATED :Congress is currently considering action as part of the debt and budget negotiations that could threaten your local TV.

UPDATE: NAB Press release

This congressional action seeks to reallocate some TV channels – through a process known as spectrum incentive auctions – to other services.

We must ensure congressional action on this issue does not impact your ability to receive the local news, public safety information and the high-quality programs you value.

We also want to ensure Congress does not hinder innovations taking place in TV – like free, local TV on your handheld or new HD programming.

Tell your member of Congress to protect local TV as they consider ways to auction TV channels.

Thank you for protecting local TV!
Call your Legislator
To speak to your legislator, simply call 1-800-200-4372, enter your 5-digit zip code and stay on the line to be connected.

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