Thursday, May 22, 2008

NAB Speakers Bureau

Getting the word out about this DTV transition is the job of the NAB, this station and broadcasters in general. If you know a group who could benefit from a one-on-one presentation please contact me. I am one of close to 1000 speakers in the NAB Speakers Bureau. We are speaking to groups all over the country, now thru the February 17, 2009 analog cutoff date.

Please call during normal business hours 8AM-4:30PM, 315-788-3800 to arrange a speech for your group.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

DTV Coverage

As I have reported here and as you may have seen in our Special Report, there are pitfalls to DTV coverage. If you live in an area that gets marginal analog coverage you may not get any DTV coverage. The reason is a the "cliff effect". In the analog world when the signal gets weak you get a snowy/ghosty signal...this snowy and ghosty signal may even be received beyond our expected coverage area. In the digital world you either get a perfect signal or none at all. I guess the name implies you get the signal until you fall off the cliff.

The FCC assigned DTV specifications that were suppose to replicate a station's analog theoretically if you get the station's analog signal you should get their DTV one. The real world differs from the theoretical one.

Here is a coverage map for WWNY's analog signal. "Good" reception is expected within the circle...signals may be possible beyond the circle:
Here is the coverage off our current DTV assignment (UHF Channel 35):
After 2/17/2009 WWNY will broadcast digitally on VHF channel 7. We have made application for this coverage area (below)...and may even apply make application to increase it just a bit. This coverage should "replicate" WWNY's analog coverage:
None of us will really know if a signal can be received in a marginal area until we start broadcasting on that final assignment. We are making the move back to channel 7 and applying for the most coverage possible to make sure no one loses service from WWNY. We have generally found the coverage matches the coverage maps or in some areas exceeds it. Our best advice, now and after 2/17/2009, is to use an outdoor UHF/VHF antenna aimed at our transmitter site in Champion NY.