Monday, June 15, 2009

6/12 DTV Deadline Has Passed, Have We/You Survived?

Well the extended DTV deadline of 6/12/09 has come and gone. Now all full-powered TV stations are broadcasting digitally. I note "full-powered" because LPTV stations, like WNYF-CA/WNYF-LP, or translators have no Federal mandate to convert...yet. WNYF-CA does have plans to digitize and hopes to be broadcasting by summers end in HDTV. We are exploring sites/frequencies etc for a Massena conversion as well.

WWTI in Watertown was the last full-powered station to cease analog broadcasts and I suspect the transition to all DTV broadcasts went without a hitch....lucky guys. WWTI did not change frequencies or any technical parameters like WWNY did in February.

We still take occasional calls from folks wondering if we are experiencing problems or if we are running low-powered and have any plans to upgrade the signal. Fact is WWNY is and has been broadcasting a strong VHF channel 7 signal since 2/17/09...nothing has changed and there are no plans to change. WWNY already applied for, was granted, and operates with a power increase over our original assignment from the FCC. We have witnessed our signal throughout the area far as 100 miles from the transmitter. What we have learned is antennas are so so critical.

If you are still experiencing issues getting channel 7 please visit or for guidance on antennas and their orientation towards the station.

FYI, Echostar has expressed some interest recently about building a facility to uplink local stations to satellite. Local stations on satellite might offer another option to viewers experiencing problems. Stay tuned, we'll let you know how that progresses. The Federal Law that allows satellite to carry local stations expires at the end of the year, and there may be changes to the law that forces satellite into offering local stations in all markets. We'll keep you up-to-date on these developments as well.