Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life With DTV

This blog was established to keep viewers updated on the transition to DTV and the steps and improvements WWNY & WNYF were taking. The transition to all DTV broadcasts was completed by WWNY and a transition to DTV by WNYF has also been accomplished, even though the FCC has not mandated that change for Low-power stations.

While our transmission infrastructure is complete we continue to seek improvements. WWNY continues to explore a power increase and we are continually improving our production facilities, so that we can expand our HDTV offerings.

Many viewers are still frustrated with reception issues. This is a characterisitic of DTV...we can't change the laws of physics. We can reccomend that you install the best UHF/VHF outdoor antenna you can to combat reception issues. For tips on antennas & their orientation towards our towers visit www.antennaweb.org. For tips on reception visit www.dtv.gov/fixreception.

We will also answers any comments posted here.