Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WNYF-CA, Watertown Makes the DTV/HDTV Transition

WNYF-CA began DTV broadcasts yesterday. WNYF-CD's DTV coverage covers most of Jefferson County and a good portion of Lewis County. Its broadcasts are in HDTV, which of course provides greater resolution and a widescreen presentation. WNYF's programming on WWNY's subchannel 7.2, is standard definition. To enjoy the greater resolution broadcasts of WNYF you will need an HDTV with a digital tuner. Viewers will need to rescan for DTV channels to capture the new broadcasts of WNYF.

Don't hesitate to pass on successful reception stories ... this will help us gauge "real-world" coverage.

It is considered a low-powered station, but its coverage is much greater than its analog coverage. Within the next few weeks/days WNYF-CA's analog transmitter will be shut off.

WNYF-LP, Massena has an application before the FCC for DTV conversion. Once operational WNYF-LD's signal will cover much of St Lawrence County. Its FOX programming will be in standard definition DTV (hopefully in widescreen), and will have a sub-channel of WWNY's HDTV CBS programming.