Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reclaimed TV Spectrum Update: The Threat To Local TV Continues

Reclaimed TV Spectrum Valued at $28 Billion in Obama Jobs Bill

President Obama’s proposed jobs bill assumes that incentive TV spectrum auctions will bring around $28 billion in proceeds. The American Jobs Act supports the National Broadband Plan. That plan calls for redesignating 40% of the spectrum now licensed to TV stations. The idea is that reallocated spectrum would support the development of a much needed public safety network and support the development of nationwide wireless broadband. The revenue from auctions could be used to reduce the deficit. The development of the public safety network and nationwide broadband would stimulate the economy and create jobs.

The problem is that to generate that amount, licensees of two satellite companies and dozens of TV stations would have to participate in the "voluntary auctions". The mechanics of redesignating 40% of spectrum remains a mystery because no broadcasters have indicated a willingness to sell off their spectrum...at values that could well be less than market value. The National Association of Broadcasters has said that allocating 40% of spectrum without voluntary participation would knock 210 full-power station off-air and force 672 to relocate to a different channel.

In that senerio...because of cross-border considerations and other technical inference standards, all stations in the Watertown market would be knocked off-air with no channel to relocate to. The Detroit market would also suffer a similar fate.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

UPDATED :Congress is currently considering action as part of the debt and budget negotiations that could threaten your local TV.

UPDATE: NAB Press release

This congressional action seeks to reallocate some TV channels – through a process known as spectrum incentive auctions – to other services.

We must ensure congressional action on this issue does not impact your ability to receive the local news, public safety information and the high-quality programs you value.

We also want to ensure Congress does not hinder innovations taking place in TV – like free, local TV on your handheld or new HD programming.

Tell your member of Congress to protect local TV as they consider ways to auction TV channels.

Thank you for protecting local TV!
Call your Legislator
To speak to your legislator, simply call 1-800-200-4372, enter your 5-digit zip code and stay on the line to be connected.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life With DTV

This blog was established to keep viewers updated on the transition to DTV and the steps and improvements WWNY & WNYF were taking. The transition to all DTV broadcasts was completed by WWNY and a transition to DTV by WNYF has also been accomplished, even though the FCC has not mandated that change for Low-power stations.

While our transmission infrastructure is complete we continue to seek improvements. WWNY continues to explore a power increase and we are continually improving our production facilities, so that we can expand our HDTV offerings.

Many viewers are still frustrated with reception issues. This is a characterisitic of DTV...we can't change the laws of physics. We can reccomend that you install the best UHF/VHF outdoor antenna you can to combat reception issues. For tips on antennas & their orientation towards our towers visit www.antennaweb.org. For tips on reception visit www.dtv.gov/fixreception.

We will also answers any comments posted here.