Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's All About Antennas

WWNY engineers have been traveling the North Country testing our digital signal. What we have found is the signal is great most everywhere....but...without a good reception antenna it can leave you with the impression that its weak or missing. In fact the new DTV signal is not only stronger, but travels a further distance than our previous one... further than even the predicted coverage maps indicate.

It's all about antennas. The best choice is always an outdoor antenna. It will capture a signal better because of fewer obstructions and it is less likely to receive reflected signals which can interfere with the performance of a TV set or converter box. We also have found that basic antennas seem to work the best. A good old aerial with metal rods are best, not the flying saucer or airplane wing shaped antennas that are often marketed as "HDTV Ready".

Indoor antennas may work in some locations, but are more subject to receiving reflected signals that confuse the sets/boxes. Good old rabbit ears without amplification and the long metal rods work the best.

For more info on antennas and their orientation towards the stations you might visit: or