Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Info

Monday WNYF-CA, our low-powered FOX station from Watertown, was granted a construction permit to build a new low-powered DTV facility for our FOX programming. It will utilize channel 35 which is being vacated by WWNY after February 2009.

What is worth noting is WNYF's DTV facility will have a much greater range than its analog counterpart. In fact, the service contour predicted by engineers encompasses almost all of Jefferson and a good part of Lewis Counties. WWNY-DT will continue to multicast the programming of WNYF on a secondary channel for folks who live beyond WNYF's DTV service area....the only difference is the stand-alone DTV channel will be in HDTV, while the secondary channel is in standard-definition. As is the case with WWNY's return to channel 7 the "branding" will remain channel 28 even though the transport is on the frequency of channel 35.

This action by the FCC addresses our FOX transmitter in Watertown. Plans for WNYF-LP, the FOX transmitter in Massena, are not complete at this time.

As previously noted, antenna selection can make a great difference in receiving DTV signals. Here is an interesting article on this situation...there are also links at the bottom of the stories with links to more info on DTV....all worth reading.

DTV Upgrade Proves Costly, Headachy