Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Troubleshooting Your DTV Setup (Updated 12/19)

Many viewers have called with issues setting up their convert boxes or digital television sets.

For some it has been issues of wiring and setup, but for most it has been antenna issues. We encourage you to convert ASAP either with a convert box or the new purchase of a DTV set. APPLY, BUY & TRY... APPLY for the coupon, BUY a box and TRY it now! Act now to work out the bugs... you really don't want to be climbing on your roof next February if its an antenna issue.

NEW INFO (12/19)- This past Wednesday we conducted a soft analog shutoff test. WWNY sent a message to viewers of only our analog signal that they needed to take action as this signal would be turned off in February. We have taken a great volume of calls from viewers (please be patient we are doing our best to return calls). A great number of viewers have made the upgrade either by purchasing a new DTV television set or DTV Converter-box but still saw the message. This is an indication that they were watching the analog signal, not the DTV one. Many new sets have both an analog and DTV tuner built-in. An indication that you are receiving the DTV signal is the channel will display as 7.1 WWNY-HD or 7.2 WNYF-SD. Channel 7.0 is the analog signal. If you cannot see 7.1 or 7.2 you may need to go into the setup menu of your set or box and re-scan for DTV channels...or you may need an antenna upgrade.

One thing as it relates to WWNY. In February WWNY will be changing DTV frequencies and power levels. If you experience difficulty with reception now, these changes should improve your chances of getting WWNY. We suggest you re-scan your DTV channels often, after antenna adjustments, and especially after 2/17/09.

Official FCC info on DTV Converter Box and DTV Set Troubleshooting