Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WNYF-LP Now on the Air Digitally

There’s some good news for local television fans.

The North Country’s local FOX station, WNYF, has a new digital transmitter in St. Lawrence County that will provide viewers with a better, more far reaching signal. The transmitter, located in South Colton, is designed to increase the St. Lawrence County coverage area for FOX 28. As an added bonus, the local CBS station, WWNY, will be carried on a secondary channel.

Some viewers lost local television signals in the 2009 digital transition when stations were forced to turn off their analog signals. United Communications Corporation, the parent company of WWNY and WNYF, applied and received permission to build a new FOX digital facility from a new location and with more power to increase its coverage area. FOX-28’s ability to transmit a secondary channel of WWNY’s programming might help gain back WWNY viewers lost in that DTV transition.

Area residents should re-scan their television tuners and may need to realign their antennas towards the new transmitter facility.

Viewers should have a VHF/UHF antenna (outdoor is best) orientated towards S. Colton NY. WNYF will be received on channel 28.1 and WWNY’s programming will be available on channel 28.2.

For assistance with antenna selection or orientation viewers can visit www.antennaweb.org. (Because the facility is so new the transmitter info may not be in the antennaweb database. Viewers should choose and orientate an antenna compatible with WNPI.)

For reception tips viewers should visit www.dtv.gov/fixreception.html.


Andrew said...

Thank you for the updates here. I receive these channels (28.1, 28.2) in Ottawa, Ontario. The signal comes in perfect around 9:30pm, and then usually degrades around 10:30pm. During the day typically there is no signal.

Does this timing coincide to any pattern you recognize?

I am fortunate to be in one of the highest points in Ottawa with a CM4228 on a mast on my roof. I receive WNPI, WCFE and other distant signals perfectly in all but the worst weather.

Were it related to atmospheric differences, I would have expected them to be stable most of the night baring bad weather.

Just wondering if you have any thoughts. Thank you kindly.

fosslc at gmail dot com

Jim Corbin said...

We haven't been operating enough yet to see any pattern of reception. However, on the DTV chan 7 side we often hear from folks saying reception is better certain times of the day...with no real explanation. We also seem to get a lot of calls when the weather/atmospheric conditions change...but again no set pattern. For some folks dry clear weather is best for others wet/overcast.

Todd Lamothe said...

Jim, any chance you could have both the main channel and sub-channel HD(ie, 28-1 and 28-2 both HD). I see WHAM in Rochester is doing it with the CW sub-channel.

Jim Corbin said...

Not many folks have had success running 2 channels of HD programming on one frequency channel, esspecially with Netowrks/programming with lots of action like sports. To achieve this stations have had to invest in bandwidth management equipment which is expensive...and still can only do so much.

We do run 28.1 in widescreen SD.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the hard work in getting WNYF-LP up and running. I receive it perfectly 24/7 in the east end of Ottawa.

Any idea when you will have the PSIP info running on WNYF-LP? At the moment I am using TV guide info of 7.1 but would rather use the actual PSIP data if any.


Anonymous said...

Great job folks! I am just a bit southwest of Ottawa and I have no trouble getting both 28.1/28.2 with a CM4228HD and a CM7777 pre-amp. Signal is stronger at night, but I can receive 24hrs/day. I noticed zap2it doesn't yet have this listed for guide data?

Jim M.

Jim Corbin said...

We'll have to check into that. The guide should be updating with the correct info for 28.1 WNYF 28.2 WWNY. The info should be the same as 7.1 WWNY 7.2 WNYF.

Kathy said...

Does anyone besides me sometimes have trouble with both 28.1 and 28.2? There are times when the reception is terrible - just freezing up, losing sound, what looks like "boxex" jumping around the screen. It doesn't seem to correspond to any particular weather pattern or time of day. And when it happens, it's both stations.

Jim Corbin said...

This is a common issue with DTV...its a reception issue. Terrain, distance from the station, weather conditions etc might be causing you to receive a weak signal. In the old analog days you might still get a picture, but it might be snowy or ghosty...in the DTV world the picture pixelizes or you lose the signal all together. They only way to combat this is to try to receive a stronger signal... by antenna realignment or an antenna upgrade. Rescanning for channels may help too. For more tips go to www.dtv.gov/fixreceeption.