Monday, June 23, 2008

Better Reception

Last Tuesday, June 17, WWNY was granted a Construction Permit (CP) to build an a VHF DTV Channel 7 facility that will begin broadcasting 2/17/2009. It is also a CP for a service area that replicates our analog service area (our original assignment did not, but now after waiting for Canadian coordination and approval it does.)

As you might recall, WWNY was originally assigned UHF channel 35 for DTV operations that began full-time operations in 2003. We were to operate both analog channel 7 and UHF DTV channel 35 until 2/17/2009. On 2/17/2009 analog channel 7 must be turned off. On that date we will start DTV broadcasts on VHF channel 7 and DTV broadcasts on channel 35 for WWNY will end. This is being done because VHF channel 7 is a frequency less affected by terrain issues and weather conditions. It is also more energy efficient to operate.

For most viewers the change will go unnoticed, DTV tuners currently say we are channels 7.1 WWNY-HD and 7.2 WNYF FOX-28, and they will continue to say that after 2/17/2009. The transport, if you will, will change not the channel identification or its programming. For others the change to a VHF frequency with improve their chances to receive our signal, especially in terrain challenged and fringe areas.

Friday, WWNY applied for an increase in power over what was approved on Tuesday. This was done to expand and improve our signal in those same terrain challenged and fringe areas we had hoped to reach with the approval we received Tuesday. It also might help compensate for the differences in DTV signals and analog signals (the cliff effect.)

Sometime after 2/17/2009 we hope to begin DTV broadcasts on channel 35 for WNYF FOX-28 in HDTV. Whenever that occurs the branding will continue as FOX-28 even though the "transport" is on the frequency of channel 35.

The FCC has recently posted the following new DTV publications. Please click on the links to view:

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For a complete listing of all FCC DTV publications, and up to date information on the Digital Transition, please go to

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