Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Converter Box Info/ LPTV Info

As mentioned in a previous post, LPTV stations are not mandated to convert to digital. Viewers of LPTV stations (and viewers of border analog stations) may wish to explore converter boxes that pass-thru analog signals. For a list of coupon eligible boxes click here. The boxes that have the pass-thru feature have a special notation.

The other thing I have previously noted regarding WNYF FOX-28... its programming is available digitally via WWNY-DT, which has a multicast channel of WNYF FOX-28. This digital feed not only negates the need for the pass-thru feature, but for many will make the programming of WNYF FOX-28 available in areas not served by FOX-28's analog signal. That's because its piggybacked on the full-power DTV signal of WWNY, which has a greater range than WNYF's analog LPTV signal.

For more info on LPTV and the DTV transition click here.

For a Converter Box Coupon call 1-888-DTV2009 or http://www.dtv2009.gov/.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Fox being on 7.2 doesn't completely eliminate the need for analog passthrough (as none of the stations on the Canadian side seem to have even begun digital transition) but does get WNYF's signal out much further and without even a speck of snow on the screen. Without DTV, there would be no WNYF in Kingston. I wonder how long Kingston cable (Cogeco) will take to realise that there is finally a solid Fox in town and distribute it locally instead of using Syracuse to try to get a signal.